What is the breathing technique?

The breathing technique is a rhythmic connected breath through your mouth. It is a fairly quick shallow breath with concentration on the inhale. You consciously pull on the inhale in a relaxed matter and release on the exhale. You merge the inhale with the exhale so the breath is connected without pause. You want to keep the inhale and exhale to the same length if possible.

Proper breathing cleanses our physical and emotional body. The rebirthing breathing technique can help to release tension, physical illness and dislodge any old unwanted pattern and beliefs we are holding on to from a cellular level. The healing power of the conscious connected breath is profound.

What does a session look like?

You will lay down either on the floor or on a bed and will want to be comfortable and warm so a pillow and blanket are recommended. If laying flat is a problem you can sit up or turn on to your side. Your rebirthing coach will assist you in finding the breath rhythm that works for you, some people will breath more quickly or slower than others. It can change throughout the session as well and your coach will keep you on track.

Your mouth can become dry so swallowing, licking your lips, coughing, or yawning are all aspects of relaxing into the breath. The most important process in this breathing technique is the keep your inhales and exhale connected and your coach will be there to support.

You may have memories, flashbacks, and emotional release throughout the sessions. You may experience tears, sadness, anger, laughter, rage, deep hurt, fear, or any range of emotion. Emotions can be released naturally using the breath or they may have to be voiced and physically released, your coach may support you in screaming or pounding the bed as part of that release. A pillow may be used for screaming into so as not to disturb anyone else that may be within hearing distance.

Each session will be different although sometimes it seems the same emotion is coming forth, it is there until you have released fully, this can take several sessions. Most of us have been pushing down our emotions for years and years so we need to be patient with allowing the release. Remember you would not be bringing these issues to your awareness if you were not ready to experience and release them. Your coach is there to support you.

Most people will have a breakthrough in awareness or release within 3 to 10 sessions. I recommend committing to a 10 week series as in my experience this is where you can experience huge transformation.

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